Wall painting machine

This machine prints any image on interior and exterior walls in brillant, durable and high-definition colors. Use your own exclusive designs to amaze your clients by placing your art as central eye-catchers. Whether in foyers, in waiting rooms or directly on facades – the wall printer helps you to give houses, offices, hotels or hospitals an individual look.

This vertical wall printing machine can achieve 3D effect easily. To meet the various demands for large format painting in the advertising and other industries, the direct to wide format printer can print on the wall directly. Just put the picture in the computer, you will get satisfied home decoration or street decoration photo without a professional printing team.

Perfect Laser independent researched and developed vertical wall printing machine has wide range of applications, high printing precision, and printing quality of wide format printer is perfect and colorful.

More information on Alibaba: https://bit.ly/3BoelMN

You can buy these types of machines on Alibaba: https://bit.ly/3BoelMN

This vertical wall printing machine is suitable for a variety of special materials: painted inside and outside wall, wall putty, paint the walls, white porcelain, ceramic tile, walls, glass, paper, canvas, wall, colored glaze, shell powder, wall paint color tablets.

You can buy these types of machines on Alibaba: https://bit.ly/3BoelMN





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