Confiscated pens containing cheat notes intricately carved by a student at the University of Malaga, Spain

All criminal law in eleven Bic pens

A professor at the University of Malaga has shared on social networks the cheat notes that she confiscated a few years ago from a student during an exam.

 Times change, everything evolves and even the methods of cheating in exams have changed. The hidden notes now are not like before. And perhaps that is why the pens shared by a professor of Procedural Law at the University of Malaga have attracted so much attention.

Yolanda de Lucchi, the teacher in question, has found herself ordering eleven Bic pens in her office that were once confiscated from a former student during an exam.

What in theory might seem like simple tools to write during the exam, she hid much more: practically all criminal procedural law was summarized in this ingenious cheat note that has become viral.

Even the artist of such a student engineering work has appeared on social networks and shared more images of the pens used to hide all the exam material.

This technique was widely used before by those who tried to pass the easy way. To make the inscriptions in the Bic ballpoint pen, the graphite lead of a mechanical pencil was replaced by a needle that heated up and facilitated the work when writing the note in the ballpoint pen.

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